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Listen to what our fans say. We are getting RAVEn reviews about the beer coming from our  Brewing facility.

Ryan - facebook says (03/04/2013 09:01:54):
Picked up the Pendulum Pilsner and Tell Tale Heart IPA yesterday at Wells, and they're both superb! Hadn't had the IPA before, and I was happy to find that you didn't hold back on the hops or ABV. This is a big beer! Excellent work. Really happy for you and hope this stuff sells like crazy!
Jon says (03/04/2013 08:59:48):
Stephen, I tried the pils and the ipa last night and thought they were both delicious. Great job. Congrats to you and the crew.

Jon - co-owner Union Craftbrewery
Glen D. says (02/26/2013 09:21:43):
I had a chance to try both beers over the weekend and they are fantastic! Pendulum is so crisp and refreshing and the Tell Tale might be the best IPA I've ever had. Really outstanding and it's so exciting to see the beers packaged and distributed and selling out at stores.



Tom says (02/06/2013 08:16:22):
Friends We've got to get Raven into South Jersey! How many spots or what volume to you need to make it happen? I'm a long time SJ resident, well travelled former NBA player, teacher and coach. I'll rep Raven for free just to get it down here. Let's make it happen! Your beer's too good - we gotta have it at the Shore.
Ernest L. says (10/31/2011 23:04:37):
I made a really terrific Beer and Cheese soup for a Halloween dinner party, and of course the beer was Raven. One of the best soups I've made (and I make a lot). Would I use any other beer? Nevermore!

Beer and Cheese Soup: http://www.e357.net/beingernest/?p=273
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