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Der Kommandeur says (10/01/2013 19:10:52):
Generally used to drinking IPAs and Imperials, however this beer is actually very good !
I mean I'm hooked on the Tell tale. It my be better than anything I've had lately....
So keep it up, I'll be there shortly for a tasting at the Brewery... I need to try the rest of the family of beers, but as for now it's the Tell Tale lager.

Excellent job.
Steve M. says (09/13/2013 11:32:50):
Pendulum Pilsner
Baltimore-Washington Beer Works
Excellent pilsner. Wasn't expecting much and pleasantly surprised.
alex says (07/24/2013 21:45:45):
Alex Sens
Just had a bottle of the Tell Tale Heart IPA and really enjoyed it, great IPA. Good work, happy that another quality brewery is up and running!
Will says (06/28/2013 10:18:37):
My friends and I have tried and love all you beers. My personal favorite is Special Lager.
Mark says (06/28/2013 09:59:18):
recently visited Baltimore and drank Tell Tale all weekend at the Marriott Towson. Best ale I ever had! Can't find it here in New England. Let me know if there is a way access it ! Mark
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