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Listen to what our fans say. We are getting RAVEn reviews about the beer coming from our  Brewing facility.

Craig Z. says (01/03/2014 13:32:13):
Recently picked up the 12 pack sampler. All 4 styles in the pack were very solid beers. I especially enjoyed the Tell Tale Heart IPA. Look out Heavy Seas....you have some competition! Keep up the good work!

Cecil Co., MD
Matt G. says (12/16/2013 15:36:58):
Love Raven Lager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nyeisha B says (12/11/2013 16:06:23):
Form Facebook:
I am head over heels in love with your Tell Tale Heart IPA ;)
Tom F. says (12/11/2013 16:03:16):
I tried your CASK Beer while visiting Baltimore and it was the BEST BEER I have ever drank. That is saying a lot, because I've tried a lot of beers. My previous winner before trying CASK was Leffe Brown on tap in Quebec Canada years ago. Keep this beer going, I wish I could get it in Roanoke VA. Tom F
Jim says (11/10/2013 22:08:37):
I tried out the variety pack last weekend hoping I would find one I liked. Couldn't believe how good they all were. The Tell Tale and Cask were fantastic. Best new beer I've tried in a while. I must stop by the brewery for more. Cheers.
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